Details of Vocational Guidence Center
The establishment of the Special vocational Guidance centre for Tribal Population in Nilgiris District was sanctioned by the Government G.O.Ms.No.80, Social Welfare Department, dated 04.02.1980.

The major object of this centre is to take efforts to guide and channalise the tribal people of the Nilgiris District into suitable avenues of employment and self employment, This office started functioning with effect from 06.03.1980

Generally, the activities of the Special Vocational Guidance centre are limited to the Nilgiris District alone. Yet information on Occupations, Educational, Training and Self employment opportunities in other Districts in the state are also collected bv this office for the benefit of the Tribal applicants.

The Special vocational Guidance Centre, Udhagamandalam is functioning under the overall administrative control of the Commissioner ate of Employment and Training, Chennai-32.

The detailed procedure and functions of the Special Vocational Guidance Centre at Udhagamandalam have been obtained in SEE.CM.No. 16/80 as follows
  • To provide suitable guidance facilities to all the job seeking Scheduled Tribes and also to be Scheduled Caste population.
  • To collect Occupational information and training facilities for Scheduled Tribe applicants including literature on courses, career, scholarship etc. And the collected data should be updated periodically and disseminated to all the needy applicants belonging to scheduled Tribe communities.
  • To bring Career information Bulletin at monthly intervals which will serve as a guide for students population and job seekers.
  • To visit all the Tribal hostels and also the schools where large no of schedules Tribes are studying deliver career talks and also give them various information about training facilities courses, careers scholarships facilities etc., Besides, they should arrange Group guidance, Group discussion, Individual guidance, fumish individual information and arrange to display all collected occupational and training information properly, To organise Career Exhibition frequently at various places where concentration of scheduled Tribe population is more pronounced.
  • To identify vacancies for which suitable scheduled Tribe applicants are not available and arrange to get them trained in such occupation, so as to fill up the reserved vacancies by the scheduled Tribe only. For this pupose, vocational Guidance office should alrange for suitable apprenticeship training or for admission into industrial training Institutes or in any nearby institutions, where such coaching will be available.
  • To arrange conduct coaching classes with the help of lecturers in various faculties, to prepare the students belonging to the scheduled Tribe to appear for the various competitive examinations conducted by the various agencies like Tamilnadu, Public service commission, Staff Selection Commission, Railway Recruitment Board and bank probationary Offi cerlClerical Examination etc.
  • To maintain close liasion with employers, schedule Tribe Associations and Special cell for scheduled Tribe/scheduled Tribe/schedules caste at the commissioner ate of Employment and Training, Chennai for promoting employment for them.
  • To visit tribal population in remote areas to register schedule Tribe Job seekers and enrich the Live Register relating to scheduled to schedule Tribe applicants since, the size of the Live Register of the District Employment Office, Udhagamandalam is very small when compared to scheduled Tribe population available in Nilgiris District.
  • To explore the possibility of implementing self employment schemes for scheduled Tribe applicants by arranging for loans through nationalised banks and other agencies.
  • To conduct regular pre-submission interviews, to give proper guidance to scheduled Tribe applicants as and when they are called for by District Employment Office, Udhagamandalam.
  • To conduct Group Discussion and disseminate information on course and training facilities to all the applicants registered with the District Employment Office, Udhagamandalam including non tribals, also as there is no separate vocational Guidance Unit in the District Employment Office, Udhagamandalam.
  • To strive hard to sponsor adequate no. of candidates against such vacancies. In all such cases, Non availability certificate should be issued by the District Employment Officer, Udhagamandalam in consultation with the vocational Guidance Officer (Special Vocational Guidance Centre)

Performance of Vocational Guidence Center

Contact Details of Vocational Guidence Center

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Vocational Guidance Office,
Ooty - 643006.
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Vocational Guidance Office,
Ooty - 643006.
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