State Special Post – Matric Scholarship (beyond Xth Standard)
This scholarship is sanctioned to all Scheduled Caste students pursuing Post Matric course and whose parents’ annual income does not exceed Rs.2,00,000/-. Under this scheme, students are sanctioned maintenance allowance ranging from Rs.100/-p.m. to Rs.175/- p.m. for day scholar and Rs. 175/- p.m. to Rs.350/- p.m. for hostellers depending upon the class in which they study. The heads of educational institutions are the sanctioning authorities in respect of all Post Matric scholarships under the Government of India scholarship regulations as well as the State Scholarships. For the purpose of State Special Post Matric Scholarship, the Industrial Training Institutes and other courses for which a pass in S.S.L.C. is not necessary for admission are also treated as Post Matric courses and therefore eligible for this scholarship.
Name of the Scheme and Nature
Eligibility condition
Whom to be contacted.

State Special Post-Matric Scholarship (beyond X Std.) Maintenance Charges:

Day Scholars;
Rs. 100/- to Rs. 175/- per month

Rs. 175/- to Rs. 350/- per month All compulsory and non refundable fees payable to Government and Government aided Institutions along with maintenance allowance are sanctioned as Scholarship. From the year 2012-13 onwards, fees fixed by the Committee are exempted in respect of students studying in self-finance colleges. Students are also sanction.

  • ST Scheduled Caste Students

  • Parent / Guardian Annual Income should not exceed Rs.2.00 lakh .In respect of Tamil Nadu Government Servants, DA should not be included while rec

Headmaster / College Principal/ District Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Officer / PO’s.